Etsy Cheat: Build your own light/white box!

I’m a good graphic designer and writer, but I am not crafty. I can barely sew button, and I even hand that off to my husband (he can make curtains, I can’t even be bothered to open them). However, as I revamp my Etsy page, I’ve been taking online webinars to learn more about boosting sales. One of the top tips is to shoot your product on a white background because it lets the product stand out and have a more true tone/color. It just looks cleaner. (This is also true for mementos, sharing scrapbook projects, food photos, etc.)

The problem is that, short of hanging a tee shirt over a piece of cardboard, I didn’t have a white background. But I do have a butt-ton (that’s a metric measurement, by the way) of foam core laying around my house. Don’t ask. I figured I could make own white background by building a simple light box (this may not be the correct term, but I’m going with it). It was easier than I expected it to be, especially given that, again, I am not crafty.

Here’s what I used:

  • 30″x42″ white foam board (available at most craft or office supply stores)
  • Box Cutter
  • Marker
  • Good tape
  • Tape measure (I’d have used a yardstick if I felt like venturing into the abyss of my husband’s garage)
  1. I started off by marking where I would make my cuts. I used a marker so y’all could see it in the pics, but you can use whatever writing instrument you please. This will be the back side of the box, so pretty doesn’t matter.

MEasure BOard

2. I used a box cutter to cut off the two bottom corners (where it’s marked 13″ in the previous pic).


3. Next, use the box cutter to score along the three lines that are left. Do not cut all the way through. (Though if you do you could probably tape it back together, but it will be a lot harder.) Fold away from the lines.

4. Now, tape the edges closed. You can use masking tape or packing tape. I don’t recommend Scotch tape because it doesn’t hold very well.

5. BOOM!! Now, simply experiment with lighting angles and places in your home. I used my kitchen table, which is next to a window, and the kitchen counter which has a pendant light (for the flat photo). You can also lay the box the short way for pieces that need more room or need to lay flat, like scarves. I took these photos as samples, all with my cell phone. The only editing I did was a bit of brightness and contrast in my phone’s camera editing app. You do not need a fancy camera. You can definitely use Photoshop or Lightroom, to clean up shadows or play with fine-tuning color if you want to, but doing it this way is just fine in my opinion.

All in all, this took me about a half hour because I was sort of flying blind, making it up as I went along. It will probably go faster for you. Did you try it? Let me know in the comments! Also, include your Etsy page so I can share in your glory!

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