New Blog, Who Dis?


Why did I start this blog? Because many lifestyle blogs make me feel inadequate. I have no time to make slow-roasted lamb loin served with wilted spinach. My kids wouldn’t eat it anyway. And when it comes to fashion blogs, I often can’t afford the pieces they push. I’m a clearance rack and coupon kind of mom. I’m the one who goes to the outlet mall and still refuses to pay the full price. I know how to shop and how to make myself feel good, even when I’m ready to tear my hair out because STRESS!

So this blog is for moms like me who want to live the “pretty life” but don’t want feel guilty when they can’t be perfect.

This is for the moms:

Who sometimes recognize beige as a food group

Whose beauty regimen is sometimes a ponytail and a prayer they don’t run into anyone they know

Who love yoga, but refuse to run unless someone is chasing them

Who drink wine, whiskey, and chocolate milk

Who work

Who work from home

Whose home is their work

Who love a bargain

Who want to look nice and feel nice but with minimal effort because they’re tired

Who don’t want to feel like they’re not doing enough

Who need help

Who need a community

Who need someone who understands that not everything is within reach for them

Who try their damnedest to raise their kids to be good people

Who have a sense of humor about parenting, because, without it, they’d go insane

Who think drive-thru is a gift from the busy-mom gods

Who recognize tv dinners as a viable meal plan

Whose microwave works overtime on busy days

Whose planners are bursting

Who look at their to-do list and want to crawl back into bed

Who want to save time and money with as little effort as possible

Who have a house that is never clean despite all the effort

Who gave up and hired a housekeeper

Who just need to be told it’s okay, me neither

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipes and foods (easy ones, food my kids will actually eat, nothing with the words braised, wilted, etc.), fashion tips for real women (the most expensive thing is my wardrobe right now is $150 blazer that I actually only paid $30 for, because, ya know, electric bills and groceries), my humorous meanderings, and tips I’ve discovered or come across.

Thank you for reading. I love feedback, so if you want to comment about things you’d love to see or hear about, please do so. Remember, this is going to be a safe space for imperfection, so be nice! You can also follow me on Instagram & Twitter @Mom_Cheats

3 thoughts on “New Blog, Who Dis?

  1. LittleMom

    How about the moms who created Monday Movie Night–delivery pizza and Netflix–to have just a couple of hours alone and to not have to make dinner? It is the one expense I allow every week and damn, is it worth it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yaasss!!! I’ll be sure to give you credit when I mention it in a future post. My friends and I have a standing Wednesday Wine & Whine so I definitely want to address these ways to not-mom for our sanity. 😃


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